What Is The Best Silver To Buy?

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Even if you watch the silver price news, and find the best silver prices or even close to spot silver prices, how do you know what types of silver is best to buy?

Should I Buy Coins, Bars, or Junk Silver?

Here is a great review of broker pitfalls that you must be aware of and must watch out for when deciding the best way of how to buy silver.

Some silver and gold brokers will simply attempt to sell you what they are over stocked with at that time, or what they make the most profit on, or the items they happen to be having a sales contest for at the time, etc.

The answer to what you should buy is far too long to adequately be covered in this book, but I will give you some general guidelines.

Part of the answer depends on how much money you have to invest in metals.

The more money you have to invest, the more you should diversify. The other thing to consider is, are you mainly buying for protection and possible barter, or are you mainly buying for investment purposes?

If your main motivation is protection, then smaller forms of silver are better. Think about it this way.

If, (or perhaps when), times get tough, you don’t want to have to walk into your local grocery store and put a 100 ounce bar of silver down on the counter to exchange for a few bags of groceries. Heck, a bar like that could easily be worth $5,000 or even much more.

As far as protection goes, forget about gold unless you are a pretty big high-roller. It’s simply too expensive for most barter situations. Go with silver.

You should consider buying some bags of junk silver. These are the US 90% silver coins, (quarters, dimes and half dollars), minted before 1965. These can easily be exchanged for smaller, less expensive items.

Keep in mind that these bags are heavy and bulky… and you will have to store them somewhere safe.

You should also consider some 1 ounce silver coins. You can go with generic rounds if you wish, but I don’t suggest it. If you are buying mainly for protection and/or barter purposes, I believe it’s best to go with the real thing… like US Silver Eagle Coins, or Canadian Silver Maple Leafs, or coins like that.

They are instantly recognizable anywhere in the world and backed by the governments who produced them. People know what they are. They love them. They don’t question them. They simply work.

For me, they are totally worth the small extra premium I pay for them.

If you are mainly investing for investment silver serving tray purposes, some investors like to go with the larger bars of gold and silver. Typically the larger the bar, the lower the margin charged over the spot price.

You can buy generic bars and save a little, or you can buy name brand bars. Personally I like the name brand bars.

When you go to sell larger, generic bars, you will sometimes have to pay… and wait… to have them assayed… to determine if they are the real thing, and be sure they have not been drilled out and filled with a less expensive metal.

Think this through. Develop a plan that is best for you and stick to it. It’s usually best to diversify and have a number of different types and forms of metals.

None of us know what tomorrow will bring. Since we don’t know, diversifying makes the best since. Don’t allow your broker to dictate your plan… create your own plan and stick to it.

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