What Does God Look Like?

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While rereading this article, I realized the transformation I had experienced within the 3 years since this article was posted in 2007.

I wish to share those thoughts with you, then invite you to the new paradigm I have experienced since;

While running and gunning my way through life I often stopped to ponder the reality of an ultimate authority. Knowing that one day I would be required to reckon with such deity, these thoughts then took me on a journey of spiritual enlightenment to the various religions of the world.

Beings that “The Book” has diagrams representing future events or plans that I could realize, I engaged them, only to come to terms with the reality that what was written before time can not be changed in time, but rather time was allowed to change me. Therefore, I have concluded that the prophecies written in “The Book” are the inevitable consequence that validates my previous self-willed lifestyle.

In my many years of traveling through this journey of process called “Life” I have found it best that I do not allow myself to have emotional loyalties to any political or religious parties in order to prevent myself from becoming bias in my thoughts.

I learned many years ago that truth is illusive. Whereas, what is truth for me may not hold true for another, as we all have experienced various moments that have defined our beliefs. Therefore, I challenge everything from that comes from any media, including the Bible.

After many years of reckoning with these realities, I then went on to launch an on-line ministry where I am often engaged in some rather unique conversations with others. I now wish to share one of the many conversations I have been allowed over the last year or so.

On September 23, 2007, I received a friend request via MySpace.com from an unknown person or person(s) of an organization. As always when I receive a request, I investigate the requestor’s MySpace website to discover clues to their character.

Here I discovered all the hallmarks of a typical 30 year old single male, the girly pics, the desires for admiration and romance, with other interests that lead me to believe that he had a strong desire for truth, rather than just accepting whatever the various medias claim. However, his vision of truth, at first, appeared to be one contaminated with anger and resentment towards the present governmental administration.

I then responded to the request by agreeing with much of that regarding his political views and the ideas they reflect, but there were things I felt the young man was not aware of.

I explained my thoughts regarding our present governmental circumstance was inevitable and that those in power are merely pawns in a game of chest, just as were many world leaders who preceded them, and that the Hebrew Scriptures are full of such leaders.

I explained that I did not wish to see anyone take the blatant disregard regarding our civil rights lying down like a patsy or a fool, but that there is a process going on here that is purging evil out of the heart of all men. I reminded the requester that the battle is not between flesh and blood, but rather between spiritual principalities that are beyond our direct control or our reasoning.

I explained that I would accept his offer primarily because I love the American flag that the group uses as its icon. I am old school, therefore, I still get tears when I am offered to place my hand on my heart and pledge my alliance to those who died to protect my religious freedom.

I then went on to explain my grave concerns for those who are being allowed to profit from the sex trade, drug manufactures that often appear more concerned with profit than character. The materialistic mindset created by the media and the tolerance that is being allowed to encourage sexual deviancy.

It appears that people are so fearful that they will be seen as intolerant they are allowing the media to re-engineer to the point of teaching, enabling, almost giving permission to our children to do whatever, without fear of consequence. Much of what appears to be learned by engaging in pornography, violent video games and other self-destructive media.

Then when the child acts out on this, now a preset alternative, almost pre-programmed action, society then arrests and punishes the child, rather than allowing for treatment to suppress the learned behavior. Therefore, I ask who is at fault here, a congress that gives its permission to a media that teaches the behavior, or the child who merely acts on an alternative or learned behavior.

I believe this enabling tolerance has now reached its maxims and if these addictive modalities are allowed to survive much longer, they will continue to cause irreparable damage to both, traditional as well as secular families.

They claim that 85% of the American population claim Christianity as their choice of religion, and with a Christian church on every corner it would seem so. However, when surveys are taken 85% of those surveyed do not know Saul from Paul, and most appeared to have various claims regarding their understanding of Christ.

I have gleamed a rather unique view of Christness because I came to the realization that the brick and mortar church is being manipulated. Therefore, religion is used to control mankind, rather than to allow his freedom from the tyranny that is the god of this world.

Where some claimed you are blessed by God only if you see extravagant success in the market place, others claim money is a curse. Some claim abortion and homosexuality are unforgivable sins, whereas, others claimed the Law given to Moses was abolished on the cross.

It appears that most people refuse to study the Request personal prophecy words in The Book to discover for themselves, thus allowing them to create their own set of rules that allow them to justify whatever they choose to do with their lives. This is the true sin of Lucifer, his free-will gone rouge. Yet, his “church” wishes to blame the true children of the most high God for Lucifer’s crimes against humanity.

It appears that because most people do not understand this, many now wish to remove the true Christ from congress, however, when they finish sandblasting the Old Testament Scriptures off of the walls, they will realize Who was holding up the roof.

It is for these very reasons why I do believe, if not arrested, God has called on various modalities to wreck havoc on America’s inner structure and government, thus creating its economic collapse. The medias blatant disregard and exploitation of the simple minded will not be tolerated, because God will not be mocked.

The requester then responded by telling me he understood my concerns and gave me examples of those who had made a difference in the world with their actions, and that he felt he needed to do his part as well.

He then invited me to view the video Ziet-Geist warning me that I may be offensive and asked me to respond back with my thoughts. I viewed the movie then looked up the term “Ziet-Geist.” I discovered the term relates to; “The taste and outlook characteristics of a period or generation” – American Heritage Dictionary

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