MLM Lead Generation – Choosing A Strategy That Works

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MLM lead generation is the first hurdle to clear in the process of building an online MLM / network marketing business. This is one of the most critical steps in the 3 step process, since building your list and generating leads is what drives everything.

Unfortunately, many people end up getting into information overload since there are so many different MLM lead generation strategies. A person also might begin one strategy, then learn a separate one that sounds more appealing to them and try that for a few days. I’ve learned that people will keep trying several strategies they learn over and over and never get any results.

In fact one person who is new to my inner circle, formerly bought just about every single course out there and spent thousands of dollars. He is a great guy and has a lot of knowledge but little results to show for it.

So my goal in this article is to break down what strategies might work best for each type of person so you’re not wasting your time.

There are tons of distinct strategies for MLM lead generation that it would be a book and not an article. So with that in mind I am going to keep it as short as possible and just talk about the FREE marketing strategies since that is where my expertise is really geared towards.

The most essential thing to understand is that you want to decide on a strategy that best fits your personality and at the end of the day what you like to do. This is just my belief, and a lot of the internet gurus will be upset with me for saying this, but it is true. If you pick one or two strategies that you like doing, then you will stick with it and see results. If you keep learning each new hot strategy, try it for a few days without getting any results, then take a crack at another, you will not go anywhere. Pick a strategy that looks good to you, learn it and become a master at it, then go on from there.

Out of the countless free MLM lead generation strategies, I consider them to be broken up into two categories. These two categories I call Passive Connecting and Active Connecting.

Passive Connecting is where you are providing value to people through any form of content that put on the internet. This could be videos, articles, blog posts etc. The advantage of Passive Connecting is that you create valuable content for a specific subject only one time and then move on to a different subject.

Active Connecting is where you are utilizing community sites and forums to communicate with other people who are also members of these sites. Any kind of community site that you can actively engage other people in communication such as facebook b2b lead generation, MySpace and different niche forums. The advantage of Active Connecting is that you can get to know people quickly, build a relationship and provide value directly to what that person needs.

So to be effective with MLM lead generation you can choose between those two categories depending on what best fits your personality.

For example, I was on the phone with two different people who found me online in need to learn how to leverage the internet to build their business. After speaking with each of them I learned that both of their personalities required different strategies for MLM lead generation.

One person really enjoyed information, learning, teaching and creating. This was more of a Passive Connecting type of person. They would be more successful at creating valuable content to people who are searching for a specific subject. Then they could connect with those people who found their content, like it and wanted to continue the relationship.

The other person really liked connecting directly with people as they were a total people person. She had a very warm, caring, social manner to her on the phone. Right off, I could tell that this person would absolutely hate creating content and would not stick with it to be successful. This person absolutely loves connecting with people on a one on one basis and would be able to sit and chat on Facebook and MySpace for hours on end. So I directed this person to a training I did on Facebook sponsoring.

Both Passive and Active Connecting, for the most part, require only your time. So it is important if you want to be triumphant in MLM lead generation that you choose one that best fits your style and personality type. Regardless of how someone else is doing MLM lead generation strategies, if you don’t like the approach, than you won’t stay consistent with that strategy and as a result no leads.

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