How to Package Edibles: A Packing Guide

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It’s hard to believe that an entire year has passed by since last New Year’s Eve. It’s almost as if the year 2010 has vanished right before our eyes. Have you ever noticed that there’s something about the ceremony of another year passing by that can make a person feel extremely introspective? It’s as if it’s a reminder that one more year has gone by, and that’s one more year less time to achieve one’s goals. That’s a lot of pressure to take in all at once. Luckily, in the case of fashion design, it’s never really too late to go after your goals. In fact, a new year might be the perfect time for a brand, new start. edible gummy packaging¬†With these New Year’s resolution-themed fashion tips, you can both literally and proverbially clean out your closet on January 1.

1. Clean and organize your wardrobe. Maybe your style has gone off kilter because your closet needs organizing. If you’re wardrobe is stuffed with clothes that don’t fit, clothes that you don’t like or just don’t wear, than it might be distracting when you are trying to get to the stuff you DO wear. Take the opportunity of a new year to get your stuff in order. Create bags for stuff to throw away, give away and put away. Then, once you’ve weeded out your old stuff, make a New Year’s donation to your nearest Salvation Army. If you have some prime items that you just don’t wear anymore, you can also try taking them to vintage or thrift stores to sell. Cut up some throw-away items into household rags or dish towels in order to recycle what you can. custom edible packaging¬†Then, all the rest of the stuff can go neatly back into your closet and drawers. This way, you’ll have a clearer idea of what you have, and any new additions that you might need.

2. Get yourself some essential wardrobe staples. It is said that every person’s wardrobe should consist of some specific staples, or basic items that you will often wear. For women, some staples include, a black dress, a pair of heels, a white dress shirt, a blazer, a winter coat, one well-fitting pair of jeans, one cashmere sweater and one pair of stud earrings. Men’s staples include a well-fitted suit, a blazer, one nice pair of black shoes, an overcoat, and one solid tie. Once you’ve cleaned and organized, you can see which staples are missing from your collection of clothes, and go about obtaining them.

3. Get what looks good. Often, people buy clothes that they like, without really being conscious of what looks good on them. Before you go out shopping to fill the gaps in your wardrobe, do some research on the types of cuts that look good on your body-type. It might even be a good idea to bring along a friend on your shopping trip who can give you a second opinion in the dressing room.

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