How to Be a Beautiful Bride

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As a bride-to-be myself I am only all too aware of the trials and tribulations of planning a wedding. Over the last few years I have watched with interest the developments of various friend’s weddings and witnessed them having to deal with various stresses (mainly caused by family and nicole pearl their well-meaning but misplaced interference). This was done I have to admit, with a certain amount of smugness. I knew for certain that the run-up to my wedding would be nothing but fun with satisfying solutions to any little challenges that came my way. Ha! How misguided I was! Having set the date over a year ago and now with exactly two months to go I am still having to constantly harass my groom-to-be for his invitation list whilst fending off not-so-subtle hints of the ‘people are wondering if they’re invited’ variety from the future in-laws.

The one thing that keeps me calm? I have my dress. Yes, my beautiful, perfect dress. Ok, ok, it may sound trite in the whole scheme of things but believe me, the moment that was sorted everything else started to slide into place. I suddenly went from being totally flummoxed about all the choices out there to being able to make instant decisions on the rest of the all-important details. Yes, getting married is a great big deal, it’s a big commitment, it’s not something to be taken lightly etc. But I am not an expert in marriage, I am an expert in image. I will not try and impress upon you my ideas as to what makes a happy, successful marriage but I will tell you how you can look fabulous whilst you are married and more importantly, how to be a beautiful bride.

The Dress

Preparation really is key. It is never too soon to start looking for your perfect dress. If you are unsure where to start, consider a trip to an image consultant such as Colour Me Beautiful. They will analyse your body shape, proportions and even personality to help you understand what shapes and styles will work for you. There are also big variations on the colour white; pure white, soft white, ice white, cream, ivory – you really need to get the right white to be a beautiful bride. You may not even be wearing white; if that’s the case it’s even more important to let an expert help get the colour right. A consultation with an image consultant will save a lot of confusion and stress in the changing rooms. Almost every dress I tried on looked pretty good – not because I have an amazing figure but because I only tried on styles that I knew would work for my body shape. The moment I starting digressing and being tempted by other designs with ‘ooh, I’ll just try on that one even though I know it won’t work’ it was a disaster. But it gave my mum a laugh!

If you are buying your dress, before you commit go away and leave it for a couple of weeks, then try it on again to make sure you are really sure of your choice.

The Accessories

Once the dress is ordered you can start thinking about shoes, tiara, veil, jewellery; are you going to go the whole-hog or just one or two elements? Take time to think about it. It’s a good idea to start researching but I would advise against actually buying anything until you have your dress in your hot little hands. It may look different to how you imagined and you don’t want to waste a whole load of money on things you are only going to change your mind about. You should have your dress at the very least a month beforehand which gives you plenty of time to sort the details.

The Underwear

Think all those film stars are really that lean with their curves in all the right places when they take their Oscar gowns off?! Behind every amazing dress is a firm foundation of quality underwear. If you are unsure what you need ask your image consultant. Take this opportunity to get measured for a bra with a quality retailer, it really does make the difference, you really will not be the same size that you were 10 years ago (trust me, I went from a 36D to a 34F in 2 minutes!).

The Make-up

If you have never had a make-up makeover now is the time. All Colour Me Beautiful image consultants are fully trained make-up artists too. Together with them you can put together a new make-up look that will work with your colouring and style for your wedding day. They can then either come on the day and apply it for you or give you a make-up lesson so you can confidently apply it yourself. More than ever you really want to choose the make-up shades that work well with your skin tone so you can look naturally beautiful.

On a final note, throughout the run-up to your wedding make sure you set aside some pampering time, get a facial or two and even a massage, that way you can be sure you will be a relaxed bride, as well as a beautiful one.

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