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Escape. Run away. How often have you thought about it? Still, after all these years, the idea continues to attack your thoughts – is it possible? Yes and no – there is a fine line between healthy escape and denial.

Sometimes, you need to get away. Maybe you work too much, maybe you are in the midst of a very difficult personal issue, or maybe, you need to take a break from the stressful reality of your day to day life, whatever – escape is possible. Get in a car, a plane or even a train, and leave that which is the reality of your life. Why? Perspective.

For some odd reason driving 50 miles away from your life offers you a little breathing room. Exhale. It’s going to be OK. Somehow it is easier to step into that place, detachment, when the issue/reality isn’t crammed up your nose. Sometimes the best thing an action-oriented person like you (or me) can do is get away – if only to force yourself to stop. Stop thinking. Stop talking. Stop doing.

When you are in this mindset of non-action, you discover all this space. This empty space that you have been filling with all the stuff – worry at the top, delusions of control and ego below. The conversations, the phone calls and the deals that hold the tenuous balance of your happiness in place. It is when you get to this place that the line of escape room and denial can blur.

This is your truth. What needs to be let go and what needs courage? Sometimes life is challenging, period. No easy way around, but straight through the crap. Are you, in fact, making this journey more difficult on yourself? What can you let go of to gain more peace in your life? And this is the rub, that which you give up must empower you, not deny your reality, or your issues.

For example, you can control your behavior, but not the behavior of others. Trying to make someone love or treat you better doesn’t work, but finding the clarity within to know what you need does. Once you know what you need, then you are ready to come home from your retreat to complete the next step on your path to peace — ask.

Asking for your needs to met may be a stumbling block, because asking implies your own worth, your own deserving to be happy. You deserve to live a beautiful, abundant life. So go escape, to discover what you need and come home — ask, and you shall receive.

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