Easter Baskets – Wrapping Life Up in One, Joyous Bundle

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Come Easter Sunday, you will be seeing myriads of bunnies, eggs, carrots, chickens, and other cute goodies all wrapped up together in colorful Easter baskets. You usually see these baskets during Easter Sunday celebrations as people give them to families and especially children, or when they celebrate Easter gatherings of some sort.

Today, it is customary to hold Easter egg hunts, and painting contests on Easter bunny figurines and eggs. Sometimes, in some parts of the world, eggs are rolled from the hill in the morning of Sunday. Since there are lots and lots of different gifts and memorabilia to celebrate Easter, why not wrap them up in baskets and packages?

History of the Easter gifts. Why have Easter bunnies and eggs become so associated with the Easter Sunday celebration? Isn’t it obvious that Happy Easter has its origins of the Christian tradition of celebrating Christs resurrection?

Well, the secular Easter celebration as we know it came from pre-Christian traditions, when the celebration of fertility and springtime seasons were the norm and the prevailing beliefs of most non Christians. The rabbit, or the Easter hare, was somehow included in the celebrations and became a symbol of fertility, as rabbits are known to be notoriously fast breeders, and are able to produce a lot of offspring in a given period of time. Hence, today, children celebrate and buy Easter bunnies in a variety of forms. Some believe that the Easter bunny lays hidden candies and eggs in their garden, and then start an egg hunt. These activities are common during Easter Sunday.

The practice of eggs stemmed from the Easter bunny itself. In the past, children believed that the Easter rabbit laid eggs during springtime, and hid them at secret locations. Thus, the tradition of the Easter egg hunt was born. The practice of painting eggs was probably started in ancient Rome and Persia, where eggs were colored and dyed to celebrate spring festivals. Adults colored the eggs, and children performed all sorts and varieties of egg hunts, and these soon became a custom unto itself.

Eggs are also rolled down the hill during Easter Sunday morning. This is a typical British tradition, probably meant to symbolize the rolling away of the circular stone in the grave where Jesus was entombed. The British colonialists brought this practice to America, and it has been the tradition to roll eggs ever since.

Basket Packages. Easter baskets come in many different sizes and shapes. These baskets were borne out of the practical need to package Easter merchandise into handy bundles in order to give them away to children and willing adults. Thus, baskets like these became part of regular Easter wares.

These packages are not only meant to carry Easter goods and gifts. Oftentimes, in order to make the giveaways more practical, food items and usable things were stuffed into baskets, aside from the Easter bunny cards or eggs. These included cookies, candies, lollipops, Easter postcards and greeting cards, Easter-themed notebooks and organizers, pens, coloring and painting materials, and a whole lot of others. The baskets too have Easter-themed wreaths complete with hanging bunny figures or eggs.

Whatever you decide to put inside Easter baskets, children and adults are going to appreciate the kindness that you give away during the holiday.

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