A Prophetic Dream About Healthcare

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Let me share another dream I had. Healthcare in the U.S. is really going down hill fast. Our government insurance program called Medicare is losing so much money that the government has decided to cut back on a lot of programs for the poor that they used to cover. And the reimbursements are going down so fast that doctors don’t want to take care of the poor anymore. It’s really sad here and I had this dream.

I was at the local pharmacy waiting in line with people to get my medicine prescription filled. When I got to the counter I overheard a woman talking to the pharmacy technician and this was their conversation:

So I reread the book of 2 Kings and it said, when Elisha came the woman provided a room for him, food, and whatever he needed, even a desk and table so he could study there as well. And Elisha asked her what is it he could do for her. She replied, “Nothing.” But Gehazi said, “Well she has no son.” So Elisha told her, “One year from now you will have a son.”

And I knew the answer. Request prophetic word The Lord gave her a Word.. That Word of having a son, led her to have him raised back to life as well as the blessing of receiving all of her lost home and land and money. The Lord said to me, “When people pray to me, they ask for money, they ask for jobs, homes, healing. And I don’t really give them the physical manifestation of that request but I do give my Word. And my Word is the answer because through my Word comes blessings upon blessings. When people really understand that it isn’t what you have that matters but it is having my Word that matters, they would be able to prosper so much more.

So I now understand that my wealth and blessings, my health, and my ministry have all come from one simple Word. When the Lord spoke to me on Feb. 16, 2005 and said to me through a prophetess, EDMUND, I WANT YOU TO KNOW ME. That was the Word. That one Word has brought me all of this and continues to bless me. When I pray and ask the Lord for things and that’s all it really is, just things, the Lord blesses me not because of my faith, not because of my working for the church but because of that one Word. It’s amazing to me.

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